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“After seeing Liz for a year, my life has changed dramatically; I feel healthy and abundant in both body and mind. She is my health Guru and a wholesome light of pure blissful healing energy.

Her service was meticulous – leaving no stone unturned. She has offered personalised advice to me on many levels starting with diet; she has taught me the importance of providing the body with nutritious food, hydration, the importance of gut health and how to support the microbiome.

After spending some time listening to Liz, I have a greater understanding of how my body works and how I can support the natural rhythm of it.

Her self-healing knowledge is vast and supportive; she has offered me invaluable advice to improve my mental health, my connection with myself and helped me open the door of enlightenment.

Liz’s has a charming, calm yet direct nature; she made me feel very comfortable, and I was able to be honest, and open with her about my emotional landscape, food habits, and physical ailments. She provided a safe environment both in person and via video call.

I would recommend her services to anyone wishing to live a natural, healthier life free from chemicals and toxicity.”

Martina Horrigan

“I have been working alongside Liz my naturopathic nutritionist for some years, she has taught me a very helpful guide on the path to recovery, good health, and wellbeing simply and naturally.

I am currently Suffering from COPD for the past 20 yrs, also heart failure for the past 4yrs, I have never felt better in all the years I’ve suffered with chest infections etc, I very rarely get chest infections these days, this is a very changing time for me as I had to go on park time work due to my lLL heath 5 years ago, I have now retired and decorated my 3 bedroom house with help of course, I’m also in the process of creating an allotment in my garden, I’m more busy these days than ever in my life.
I was constantly taking time off work
to recover for over 10 years.

My diet, mindset mental health & physical health has increased 200% during my guidance & teachings from Liz who is an amazingly kind considerate Lady, Liz has encouraged me to understand my body and what it needs daily, I cannot thank Liz enough for what I have learned from her.

I would encourage anyone who wants to become healthy mentally physically within a very specific short time, to get support from the person that worked with me, who has your very best best interest at heart.

I hope this helps anyone with thoughts of enhancing there own life x”

Winifred Rawley

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