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Liz offers 2 in-depth courses on Naturopathic Nutrition.


Accredited Certified 20 hours course, worth 20 CPD points.  £280

The Health on a Plate (HOAP) course is a certified course providing attendees with a certificate in Nutritional Healing from the Nutritional Healing Foundation.

This course is usually run over 8 weeks in an evening but can also be arranged over 2 weekends or a combination of both depending on availability of both yourself and Liz.

It’s a wonderful exploration into the field of Naturopathic Nutrition providing students with a comprehensive workbook, filled with life changing practical information about how to support your body to self-heal.

Course Modules

  • The naturopathic healing philosophy & cellular health.
  • Fluids & hydration.
  • Different approaches to eating more healthily, diet types.
  • Dangers of dairy & dairy alternatives.
  • Good versus bad fats.
  • How to use supplements effectively & sugar alternatives.
  • How to detoxify naturally, pathways & techniques.
  • Utilising nature’s cycles for healing


  • Handbook on completion including recipes, information and logs to help you make your own health improvements.
  • 20 CPD points & accredited certificate.


1 day course. £60

Heal Your Gut Heal Your Life is a one-day course specifically focusing on the needs of people suffering from problems relating to their gut.  The course covers the major reasons why people suffer from digestive disorders today, and how this impacts your overall physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Topics include

  • The gut-brain connection
  • Stress
  • Diet
  • Chemicals and food
  • How to heal the gut

The course includes food demos, taster sessions and information that will help you to make healthier eating, hydration, and regular detoxification a reality in your daily life.