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The sessions I offer will address all aspects of your life… working holistically to help you identify how and where you need to detoxify your life from the food and beverages you eat and drink, the toiletries you use,  the chemicals and materials in your household that may be causing or contributing to your feelings of ill health.

The process is gentle… it may have taken 20 to 50 years to create some of the health problems we are experiencing and so it is important to introduce changes carefully and at times slowly so as not to place the body under even more stress. There is no magic pill or quick fix… beware of those out there who claim to offer this panacea!!

My aim is to be a facilitator… to empower and educate you to be able to take back control and responsibility for creating a healthy body/mind.

Too often these days we are disempowered and made to feel we need to go and see the ‘experts…’ for them to tell us how to alleviate the symptoms through the use of pharmaceutical drugs which may actually reduce or eliminate the symptoms by suppressing them and driving the problem further into the body.

They also tend to have side affects leading you to have to take another drug to deal with the side affect… before we know it we may be reliant on taking numerous tablets for the rest of our life!… when often the answer may lie in cleansing the body clearing out the toxins, strengthening the immune system and healing the digestive system.

How Does It Work ?

Step 1

Book a FREE 15 minute health and wellbeing review where I can explain how I work, we can discuss your health goals and see if we are the right fit to work together.

Step 2

The length and type of programme will be agreed. We all know that theres no quick fix to most health concerns.


Step 3

We start with an initial consultation, lasting for 90 minutes, which gives us the time we need to really explore your current health concerns and goals, symptoms, medical history, family history, diet, lifestyle and stressors and to begin to identify possible root causes.

Step 4

We will then have regular follow-up consultations, where we work through and review your personalised treatment plan, tweaking it where necessary


  • Gut issues and Digestive wellness
  • Thyroid health
  • Weight balancing
  • Healthy cooking / meal planning
  • Diet and Detoxification
  • Therapeutic diets
  • Cleansing techniques
  • Emotional/mental wellbeing

Book your FREE 15 minute health and wellbeing review today.